I’m going to start off this post with an apology. We’ve been a little remiss with our communications over the past few months. We’ve been neglectful – not only to our duties as cartoonists, but really, to you, our fan. Or fans. I’ll use the plural, because I’m pretty sure there’s at least one other fan other than Jeff’s Dad.

Our ‘hiatus’ wasn’t planned. It just kind of came out of a confliction of responsibilities and commitments, and unfortunately this little zone on the internet has only ever reached hobby status for either of us. It’s a hobby that we both loved, and do love, and I would be remiss to say that it’s not upsetting for both of us that it’s fallen by the wayside. But that’s what happens, as life,
work and other responsibilities have increased over the years, my ability (Dan Simon here, artisian of sorts) to find the time nesseccary to sit down and churn out the adventures of our beloved Murph and Jamie became less and less – to the point where I just did not have enough hours in the day to earn a paycheck, spend time with loved ones, and do the comic. I missed a week. Then two. It’s now been over two months without a new comic. And for that, I’m deeply sorry. Though our little world is without continuity or a really connected thread of stories, there are some things I’m sure some of you might wish to see resolved in future, even if it is for the sake of closure.

On that front, I have good news. No Reason is not ‘dead’. Jeff and I have had some lengthy conversations about our little pet project, and what we want to do with it. And the singular conclusion that we’ve come to is this:

We really like making comics together.

However, as life changes are in the mix, and things are never constant, committing to a daily weekly, bi weekly or tri-weekly schedule just isn’t in the cards for us right now. We’ve come to the conclusion that perhaps the No Reason model isn’t the right vehicle for us right now. In it’s current form.

So what we’ve decided is we’re going to change formats a little bit. We’re developing out some new properties, and when we can bring those things to fruition, we’ll bring them back on to the interwebs. We’re pretty excited about these new things, and we want to give them some love and attention before we birth them digitally. And we’ll be mixing in the occasional ‘No Reason’ story in there as well – so you haven’t seen the last of Murph and Jamie. But you might see them in a slightly new story format, as opposed to the four panel strips we’ve been popping out for the last five years.

So – keep your proverbial ear to the ground, and we’ll keep you posted and post some previews when we’ve got something ready.

In the meantime – you can keep up on the latest in Comic news and opinions by listening to Jeff Moss and Donnie Coulter at The Watchtower Radio Network – which has launched two new shows. On top of that, you can check out Jeff Moss and his crews additional ramblings about comics from their blog at the 4th Wall, or their FB page. Or heck, if you’re in the Montreal area, go buy some comics from him.

As for me – you can check out my out-dated blog/portfolio at March1Studios – or post up on the No Reason FB page. We’re checking it, and we’ll respond!

Any questions you have, or things you want to say can be directed through the comments sections (go read the archives!), on twitter (linked above), or through the FB pages.

We look forward to hearing from you! We’ll see you in the future!