As I mentioned last time, September marks the 5th Anniversary of No Reason Comics. So, to celebrate we wanted to take a wee break from our current storyline and do something that we’ve never really done before: Guest Strips.

We’ve reached out to some of our friends and favourite creators in the comics world and asked them to come up with their interpretations of the No Reason shenanigans, and let me tell you, what we’ve gotten back has been absolutely amazing, as exemplified by today’s strip by Gerry Alanguilan.

Gerry has been a longtime listener to The Watchtower, and over the years has become a good friend as well. But truthfully it wasn’t until he saw a bit of his work in my “Why Do I Own This?” segment that we found out just how extensive his comics career has been. From his Komikero website:

Hello! I am Gerry Alanguilan, known elsewhere as Doroteo Gerardo N. Alanguilan Jr., a Filipino comic book writer, artist and publisher. I’m an Architect by profession, and a member of the San Pablo Chapter of the United Architects of the Philippines. However, I prefer to be a storyteller through the creation of comic books.

I have written and/or drawn comics like Wasted, Timawa, Lastik-Man, Crest Hut Butt Shop, Johnny Balbona, Humanis Rex!, Where Bold Stars Go To Die and ELMER. The latter two I published from through my own Komikero Publishing. ELMER was eventually picked up by SLG Publishing for publication Internationally in 2010. Editions Ca Et La at the same time released a French Translation in Europe.

I have also been an inker of comics for DC, Marvel and Image, and I have worked with Leinil Francis Yu and Whilce Portacio on titles like Wolverine, X-men, X-Force, Superman, Batman, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Wetworks, Grifter, High Roads, Silent Dragon, Ultimate Avengers: Crime and Punishment, Superior and currently Ultimate Avengers Vs New Ultimates: Death of Spider-Man.

I have also adapted and illustrated various short stories by classic authors for Graphic Classics including “The Black Cat” by Edgar Allan Poe, “The Judge’s House” by Bram Stoker, “The Plague of Ghosts” by Rafael Sabatini and many more.

See? The guy’s a freakin’ rock star!

Gerry is also a crusader for the preservation of the artwork of other Filipino comics artists, and I got the chance to meet Gerry in San Diego this year, and he’s one hell of a nice guy. If you haven’t read Elmer, I highly, highly suggest you do. It’s a terrific book, and should be available in any comic shop worth it’s mettle!

So with that great kick-off, Welcome to No Reason: Half A Decade of Daftness!