As I begrudgingly sit at the Mercedes dealership waiting for them to complete the regularly scheduled maintenance on my car, a few things occur to me.

1.) If there’s a $250 deposit for a loaner car, you should probably tell people that, as opposed to the $15 fee they were quoted on the phone.
2.) Remedying said inconvenience with free coffee, cookies, Wi-Fi and comfy chairs actually goes a long way to making it right (kudos indeed).
3.) The look on the rich lady in the fur coat’s face when I sat down next to her in the waiting area was worth every bit of time I’m wasting. Cute receptionists help too.

So, this is how I find myself celebrating the magical holiday known as “Family Day.” If you live outside of Canada, South Africa, Australia or several US states, you probably don’t know about Family Day.

I used to think that Family Day was just a terrified Ontario Government’s way of buying enough votes to stay in office (It worked by the way), but as I’ve done some extensive research (checked Wikipedia) for this post, I’ve discovered that over 60% of Canadians observe the third Monday in February as Family Day. In South Africa, Family day takes place on Easter Monday, Australia observes it in October, and August sees Arizona and Nevada having their Family Day. Even the tiny south Pacific Island nation of Vanuatu has a Family Day in place of Boxing Day.

With all that said though, it should be noted that Quebec, in all it’s glory, does not observe Family Day, so everyone here is at work.

So, while I spend the day wasting salesperson’s time pretending I’m going to buy a new Benz, I hope you have a good Family Day should you be in an area that celebrates it, and if not… well, I hope work doesn’t suck too hard?