re say my friends, I think we are on the very of a renaissance. A comics resistance.

I have loved comics for my entire life, and there’s no big surprise that it’s something I’ve chosen to dedicate myself to creatively and professionally. I’ve seen the industry and art form grown and change many times, but I have to say: right now is the greatest time to be reading comics, ever.

There is absolutely no limit to the types and styles of stories being told in comics. You can find a comic book, graphic novel or webcomic that can satisfy any need you have as a reader. Granted, they aren’t all gold, but they’re definitely out there.

The reason in bring this up is an article on ComicsAlliance that I read today.

Go ahead; take a second to read it over. I’ll wait.

Back? Great.

The stark contrast in types of comics being sold digitally versus print serves to exemplify what I’m saying. There are so many different types of comics out there, that just about any entertainment niche can be served, and I am absolutely fascinated by the difference between the top digital comics and the top print comics.

Could digital comics and great movie adaptations actually be a way to finally peel off the social stigma of comics, and get down to simply sharing a great medium for entertainment amongst the greatest number of people?

I can’t say. But I can say with great certainty that the comics world is stronger than ever, and it’s a great time to be reading and buying comics!!