Die Hard.

Through no means other than I have far too much time to think, I have discovered that the solution to most of life’s problems can be found by asking yourself one thing:

What would John McClane do?

I’ll tell you what he’d do; he’d do whatever it takes. He’d go after the biggest, baddest henchman, with the biggest baddest gun no matter if he was wearing shoes or not. McClane would crawl through miles of air duct, steal as many cars as necessary, and go over the heads of everyone on the force to get the job done.

This is what we all must do.

In one way or another, we all have our Hans Gruber, preventing us from enjoying a nice Christmas with our estranged wives. We all have our demented ex-generals trying to ruin our day in order to finance his political aims. We all have all have our techno-genius trying to hack the government’s mainframe to steal billions in digital dollars. And every now and again, we all have to fight a fighter jet with only a truck and our bare hands.

And you know what John McClane would do? He’d toss Gruber out a window. He’d blow up that general’s plane. He’d shoot that techno-genius through his own shoulder. And yes, he would fight that plane. Why? Because he can. Because the only thing stopping him is an uptight Sergeant and incompetent FBI agents. Because the only thing that can hold him back, is John McClane himself, and you know he’s not going to do that.

So today, and every day that you are faced with some seemingly insurmountable odds or situation, I want you to run into it head on. I want you to bring down that plane. I want you to take Hans Gruber and throw him out of Nakatomi Plaza. You can do anything you want to if you follow the example of John McClane, and Live Free and Die Hard.

Yippe-Kay-Yay, Mother-Truckers.