And we’ve come full circle. I hope that you’re still digging this story arc. I know that I’m having a blast writing it, and Jaime’s slaying the art side of things, so rest assured there’s a lot more to come!

Also, if you are enjoying it, why not slide on over here and let the world know **hint hint**

So, having announced my change of career only two days ago, I’ve already got a pretty good story to tell.

For those that aren’t in the know, comic books (and most graphic novels and such) are distributed by a company called Diamond Distributing. As a shop owner, these are the people that I’m dealing with in terms of getting my weekly orders in. We call, they ship, and life is easy.

The initial stock order for The 4th Wall was placed back in August. I went through Diamond’s entire catalogue, and carefully chose the books and titles that I thought would do well, and suit our store. I made a rather large order, and thought nothing of it.

The order arrived this week, and I got an immediate call from Sohmer. He was wondering why I had included four boxes of Yaoi (pronounced yow-ee) in my order.

(For those that don’t know, Yaoi is explicit erotic manga, of the man-on-man persuasion.)

Needless to say, it’s going back to Diamond to be redistributed to… wherever you can redistribute something like that. But of course, Sohmer promised to hide a few in my office that will no doubt come spilling out of drawers or fall off of shelves at the best possible time.

Yeah. This is gonna be good.