Let the punching begin! I’ve been told that it’s the best way to solve problems. Also acceptable: Kicking, Hair pulling, and junk-kicking. But for sake of decorum, I’m glad that he stuck to punching.

So, things have been happening. I’m not quite ready to dish on all the details quite yet, but lets just say that things are going to be changing for me in a fairly large way, fairly soon.

I’m very excited for what’s about to happen, and I will be letting you all in on the transpirings early next week, but for now I’m stuck in kind of a holding pattern. It’s a real “hurry up and wait” kind of scenario, and I’m super excited, making it even harder to deal with the countdown.

It’s a lot like Christmas, where you have a wonderful day and stack full of presents to look forward to, but you have to suffer through a month of TV specials and sales at the mall before you can enjoy that restful day with those you love. I’m not good with anticipation. It tends to stress me out. I’m very much a jump-right-in kind of guy, so the waiting truly becomes the hardest part.

All right, I would normally write more, but I have to honest, I’m exhausted. We were joined by the one and only Katherine Curtis on this week’s edition of The Watchtower, and as usual when The Naked Nerd drops by, we were having so much fun we totally lost track of time, and I’m faced with a lot of editing to get through in order to get the show up on time.

Wish me luck, and if you have any suggestions as to how to make the time go by faster, please don’t hold back!