So there it is kids, the end of this little adventure. I really like how this story turned out, and I can’t wait to issue the Absolute edition. It’ll be 150 pages long, and contain all kinds of bonus material (and by that I mean stuff that I found on the ground that will fit in a book). It’ll retail for $99 and generations from now it will be hailed as a classic!

Well, maybe not, but I know we both had fun with this one. The hits just keep on coming too. June is just around the corner, and we all know what June is…

You know what my favourite part of spring is? Go ahead. Guess. No, it’s not ice cream or evening walks. It’s not Baseball or freshly cut grass. Heck, it’s not even Miniskirts. Its allergies, and all the wonderful itchy, water eyes and raw, runny noses that come with them.

In case you didn’t notice, I’m being sarcastic.

Since I can barely see right now, I can’t promise that this is going to make any sense, but I can promise it’s going to be entertaining.

I want to draw your attention to some websites that have consumed the vast amount of my time recently.

The first one is Awkward Family Photos. Now, don’t be afraid. This isn’t some kind of kinky website for those living the greater Ozark region. No, its user-submitted family photos that are pretty damn funny. If you’ve ever had to pose in a dorky sweater for a family portrait, this site’s for you.

Next is Texts From Last Night. This site delivers pretty much exactly what it promises. A collection of texts from people that are killer. I have spent hours on this site, often in hilarity-induced tears.

Finally, I simply want to ask if you’ve seen this?

I think it speaks for itself.

Now, I am going to go crush up a bunch of Tylenol Allergy pills and mainline them now. If you need me, just follow the sniffles.