I don’t know what genius scheduled the Canadian Leaders Debate and the US Vice Presidential Debate on the same night, but with them both going on, it was hard to ignore. That and it meant there REALLY wasn’t anything on TV.

It’s not like I don’t see the relevance in having these televised debates, I just wish that they would spice them up a bit. Have Alex Trebek host it. Make it so that the winner gets a second vote or something. Or even better, make them do the debate while battling each other in a Gladiator-like Jousting competition. Now that’s some good eatin’!

Any way, I’m always curious to hear what people think about this stuff, so feel free to drop in your two cents. If you were stuck for TV watching though, let me recommend two new DVDs. First off, Iron Man. Awesome movie, and a standard-setter for the new Marvel Studios.

Second, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I have long been a fan of Judd Apatow’s work, and this gem seemed to have been overshadowed a bit by Superbad and Knocked up. It is a really funny movie, and actually has some very touching moments in it too. I think I’m getting old because I seem to find these moments in more and more things these days. Comics, albums, movies. I’m getting soft I think.

(sigh) I guess this means I better go eat a kitten or something. I gotta do something to get back to my hardcore roots! Now the only question is what kind of sauce…