Before we begin, Jamie wanted me to note that there were some e-mails and comments last year in regards to Powergirl’s endowment. Hopefully these issues have been rectified.

Onward and upward (as they say)! Be sure to tune into our sister site The Watchtower this week, as for the first time in our history we are going to have some prizes to give away! Hurray!! Prizes! Here’s to buying your love!!

In other news, I think we have gotten close to finalizing the shirt that we will be presenting at this year’s Fan Expo in August. We’ll let you guys in on the details soon, but I must say, they are some sweet looking gear. Gear so sweet in fact, I would wear it myself… and probably will if they don’t sell. However, much like the popular “Steve Rogers Is Not Dead” line from last year, I think these will go fast. Stay tuned for furthers!

So how many of you out there are fans of hats, and the wearing of said hats? I bring it up because New Era, who are responsible for pretty much every fitted baseball-style cap you see have recently been dipping in the comic book world. I am old enough to remember the days when baseball caps were limited to, y’know, baseball teams, but these days you can get just about anything. There’s a pretty awesome Captain America lid, as well as some really cool stuff that ties into the upcoming Batman flick, The Dark Knight. It’s some pretty cool junk, that’ll do until we get some No Reason headgear, so go check it out!

All right, I think I’m done dressing youse guys now. Go out, have fun, or else…