It’s nice to see some people get justice. Poor old Betamax. I was rooting for him. In this case though, I dunno if anyone really wins. Blu-Ray or HD DVD, we’re all going to have to replace our copies of Star Wars all over again, but I suppose that is the nature of the beast. I still can’t watch movies on my iPod without getting nauseous, so until they perfect that I guess I’m chained to whatever Disc they are gonna throw at me next. As long as they don’t bother with the Minidisc again, I’m happy. What a dumb idea…

Any way, I hope those of you who checked it out enjoyed part 1 of our chat with Jeff Smith on The Watchtower. I was really nervous about it, so I did what I do every time I have a professional or personal crisis, and called Lar. He helped me out a lot with the interview, and I owe him a salute of thanks. Part 2 is up this week, and it’s just as great as part 1. I can’t believe the dude went to Katmandu. That is dedication.

Also on The Watchtower is the fast-approaching Spider-Man Trivia Contest between our own Donnie Coulter and Morbiopunk’s Mikey Sullz. Donnie and I were on the Morbiopunk show this past Friday, and we had another preliminary battle. This one was closer with Donnie eeking out the win, so the boys are all tied up. Also, just to make it that much more interesting, Saint Alvia Cartel and Video Dead frontman (and massive Spider-Man fan) Ben Rispin has agreed to join us as a Co-Quizmaster, so this thing is getting bigger and better. If you have any good Spidey questions for the contest, shoot them my way. The more you guys contribute, the less I have to do.

Speaking of having less to do, I think it’s time for bed. I watched Poltergeist earlier, so hopefully the dreams will be pleasant.

Wondering why they’d stay in the house,