It’s always nice to revisit the classics, don’t you think? In spite of the damage it does to my neck, I think this is a ncessary evil. It takes us back to why we’re doing this in the first place. Which brings me back to last week (lots of bringing back for some reason). I won’t get all mushy again, but I gotta say it’s pretty hella-ultra-awesome to see the No Reason Facebook group approaching 200 members. We did it team!! What it was we did, I dunno, but we did it!!

On another note, I was lucky enough to get out and take in a couple of flicks this past weekend. This is signifigant because I get out to the moves once in a blue moon, and to double up like this is a defiently a bit of an event. Any way, I saw Juno and Rambo (There was an “O” theme to the weekend) so here are some pellet reviews:


Very funny, very cute. It tries a bit to hard to be edgy at times, and the “swerves” in the plot are pretty predictable, but all in all it’s pretty fun to watch George Micheal knock up Kitty Pryde, and the hilarity that ensues.


What can I say? It’s F**ckin’ Rambo. This movie was awesome enough to make me want to buy a box set of the previous Rambo flicks. It’s often times disturbingly voilent (but not as disturbing as the guy next to me who had brought his 10 year old son to an R-Rated flick) and the story isn’t gonna win ol’Sly an academy award, but it was a blast to watch.

So there it is. If you anyone has seen these flicks and wants to add to my thoughts, feel free and please do! Also, if you have any suggestions as to what I should see, drop those too. I want to get back into going to movies. I was one of those people who loved movies so much, I’d even go alone if I had nothing else to do. Pathetic? Maybe. But it got the job done, and it kept me off the streets where I would have gotten into all kinds of trouble. Hell, I might even have robbed someplace. Which is not cool, kids. Not cool.

Still not advocating the COOL crime of robbery,