This is a fun little game we like to play around NR HQ. It can last for days and usually ends in blood. Come to think of it, it’s kinda like Monopoly that way. A game that we learned early on in our friendship is best not played between the two of us. Apparently, the formation of Crime syndicates is not forbidden in the Monopoly rules, and the resulting chaos is anything but fun. Banks get robbed, free parking is no longer free thanks to hired muscle, and the jails are full.

Wow, that was a bit of a tangent.

Any way, I am happy to report that we have just broken the 150 member threshold in the No Reason Facebook Group!!! In fact, consistent with our usual over-compensating ways, we skyrocketed to 151!!! I’m so stoked about this, that I think we’ll allow Member #151 to also claim he was into No Reason before it was cool. We’re generous like that.

So how’re you feeling? There has been a ravenous plague of Colds and Flus racing around our fair city, and so far both Jamie and myself have had a round of it. I find colds more annoying than anything. For example, my ears are currently blocked, feeling like they have water in them or something. I wouldn’t care, except I haven’t been swimming in a long time, and would like to go. Yes, these are the things that bother me.

Any ways, I have to go and do some work at what passes for a real job. You all stay safe and healthy, and we’ll see you in a few.

Struggling to hear what you said,