Happy New Year!!!

My other resolutions include:

1.) To (almost) always wear matching socks.
2.) To eat only food that’s riddled with Carbs.
3.) Stop picking fights with The Mailman.

OK, no promises on that last one, but the others I’m pretty sure I can handle. I have never been good with New Years Resolutions, but it always amuses me to hear other people’s. A couple years ago, one of The Idea Men promised me that his resolution for that year was “remembering stuff.” I’m sad to report, it was not upheld. Jamie on the other hand always has great resolutions. Usually they involve the construction of a giant robot, or giant sandwiches. Either way, I fear that he’s gone mad from all that sun n’ sand he’s been soaking up.

In other exciting news, we picked up the keys to No Reason HQ 2.0 today!! Already the hilarity is ensuing. We’ve discovered that the two pot lights in the living room don’t seem to have a light switch. They just kinda stay on all the time. I know that would annoy some folks but as the Patron Saints of Lethargy and Laziness respectively, I like to think of this as us simply cutting out one more step in the process. I’m sure the light swtich will reveal itself eventually. Either that or the bulbs will burn out. It’s simply a slow-ass race against time.

All right, I’m in the middle of a New Years Day movie fest, so I must go. On the docket: Transformers (of course), Knocked Up (Haven’t seen it yet) and a few episodes of Dexter. I haven’t been privy to a full season of Dexter yet, but based on what I’ve seen so far, I am sure it will become my new obsession.

So here’s to your own obessions in 2008, whatever they may be! We learned a lot in 2007 and now we are ready to employ that knowledge and make 2008 The Year of No Reason. We wish you all the best for the new year, and be sure to stick around. That way, when this all blows up, you can say you were in on the ground floor before it was “cool.” And I assure you, it will be.

Putting the samples back in the air conditioner,