And counting!

It’s weird, usually when I get a new DVD I watch it once, skim the spacial features, and then that’s about it for a while. But with Transformers, it just seems to get better every time I watch it, and for a Michael Bay movie, that’s sayin’ something.

So I hit the Holy Grail of Value Villages this week, and managed to put together a pretty good costume for Halloween. Thank you all for your suggestions, even the strange and upsetting ones that will have me cowering under the covers for years to come. I think the best one though was the suggestion that I break a toy tanker truck in half, glue it to a black hat, then wear all black with toy animals attached to my clothes. An Oil Spill. Classic. Lar, you have outdone yourself yet again. My hat’s off to you, sir.

The costume I came up with was economical, and was more for comfort than shock value, but it pays homage to one of my favourite TV shows ever. I won’t say who it is now, but I’m happy with it, and can’t wait for the first Halloween party this Friday. The only thing that bums me out about Halloween is that we get very few Trick or Treaters where we live. Some say it’s because we live on a very busy main road, but I believe it has more to do with Jamie’s summertime nude sunbathing. There are no winners here…

Any way, when I was at the Value Village, I found the sickest bowling shirt EVER! It’s black, and on the back is both of The Blues Brothers, with the words “ON A MISSION FROM GOD” stitched underneath. The front has “ELWOOD” stitched over the pocket, and it’s instantly my new favourite shirt. The best part? It was only SIX Dollars!!! This is a high-quality, Official House of Blues shirt, and I found a pair of them for $6 each! Gotta love it when people don’t know what they have.

Putting the band back together,