So I’ve been off of work for the last few days. I won’t bore you with a continuing diatribe of my day. It involves a lot of cleaning, battling hordes of fruit flies, and the occasional trip up the road to get extremely large cups of coffee. The funny thing is that every time I go, I think to myself “Why don’t I just buy some cream, and make the coffee at home?” But alas, the coffee merchants of this great city have me by the short and curly’s.

Hey, wait. That wasn’t funny at all. I guess I need coffee.

Since I haven’t plugged anything in a while, I feel it would be a great shame not to alert our new and returning readers to the fact that we have a sweet Facebook group! Search for No Reason and sign up… do it now… I’ll wait…. OK, Good. We are going to put up a bunch of exclusive stuff in the group so it’s worth checking out.

OK, enjoy our Spartan Action here today. There is a cup calling to me from up the street.