To say that he actually needs a moment before starting the car would not do justice to the rage that this man must contain when behind the wheel. Once he pulls into traffic, he achieves a totally different level of swearing. Words and combinations fly from his lips with a ferocity and frequency that is nothing short of miraculous. One weekend, before he heads to the cottage, I promise you I will place a tape recorder on the dashboard so you can hear it for yourself.

Jamie’s rage issues aside, this comic came about as I was driving home from work last night. Now, the public transit system being what it is in this city, it is actually cheaper for me to rent a parking space and drive the 4km to work than it is to take the bus (yeah, I know. You do the math on that one). No less than FOUR people on bicycles cut me off today on my way home. I always hear the arguments about “sharing the road” and making way for the more “environmental and healthy” way to travel, but you know what? I’m going to accidentally run over one of these idiots one day because they ignored the basic rules of the road, and somehow I will look like the bad guy. So, as my Cohort so gently puts it: “When I see you stop at a f*****g stop sign, I’ll share the f*****g road, you two-wheeled Harpy f****s!”

Whew. I feel better with that off my chest, I really do.

Bad news for you Fan Expo hopefuls: Hayden Panettiere has been postponed until 2008. The good news is that No Reason Comics and The Watchtower will be there in full frontal force. Speaking of which, look for a special extended edition of The Watchtower in the next couple of days. This past week has seen a mountain of news come out of the San Diego Comic-Con as well as the Wizard World Convention in Chicago. We’re gonna run it all down, and give you our take on the coolest bits. Also, Donnie will undoubtedly deny the death of Captain America. But this time… he might be right…?

Drive the short drive to Crazy-Town,