All I’m going to say, My Friends, is raccoons are jerks. Serious jerks, and nothing like the lighthearted CBC cartoon that bears their name. They are cunning warriors, and I advise you all to watch your backs when they are afoot. Always hissin’ and spittin’ and carryin’ on. Hey Raccoon: Get a job! Then judge me! Jerks…

Any way, this is a long weekend here in the North Country, and as such it is stink-freaking hot. The kind of hot where you shower, towel off, and still aren’t dry. The kind of hot where there is not cool side of the pillow. The kind of hot where you actually stick to your sheets. No fun at all. So I plan to take advantage of this extra day off and drip my feet in a lake to combat the heat.

This long weekend is an interesting one. We pretty much have it because one day someone noticed that we got long weekends in July, September, and October, but not in August. So, a “Civic Holiday” was quickly declared, discount fireworks were produced, and lo and behold the missing long weekend was formed. There might be more to it than that, but I’m comfortable in my ignorance at this point.

This Comic speaks pretty much for itself, so I’m bolting. We are looking forward to the run up to Fan Expo, and the grindstones our noses will be affixed to during it. Enjoy the weekend, long or regular sized, and if we don’t melt in to the carpet, see you soon!

Not questioning CSI,