Looking back on the last couple of strips, it might seem like we spend all our time watching TV. This is hardly the case. There is also ample time allotted for napping, eating, and …bodily functions (it’s best if I don’t elaborate). Now, if we could create some kind of hybrid chair that had a recliner, a refrigerator/hot plate and a strategically placed funnel, we would be set.

But I digress. These last few days have been the culmination of several shows that eat up my free time. 24 wrapped up with us asking the eternal question “Why can’t Jack love?” Heroes finished with a great cliffhanger and set-up for the fall’s “Volume Two.” Even Scrubs turned in an excellent effort this year, making me clamor not only for more episodes, but more DVDs as well. But none of them could touch the pure elation that I felt while watching the credits roll on this season’s finale of The Office.

Now, to some this may be a trivial or even petty event, but I get wrapped up in these things. I guess it’s the writer (or supremely lonely guy) in me, but when TV or movies do it right, you can’t help but feel good about that couple getting together, or that family reunited, or that touchdown scored by that loveable giraffe, no matter who he’s knocked up (it’s a Clone High thing, deal). And to those of you who might look down on a guy like me who takes a little bit of hope and heart from something so simple, I say Fie. Fie on you!!

Yeah, talking like I’m from the middle ages is my new thing. FIE!!

Any way, I know I said there would be announcements of the incredible variety, but I think I’m going to hold off on them for now. But they are both huge… and soft… and round… uh, Trust me it will be worth the wait.

For Truth, Justice, and the occasional Pie,