Believe it or not, this was one of the first ideas we had for this little thing was call a comic. Yes, it’s taken us that long to put pen to paper. Also, it’s our triumphant return to multi-part storytelling, and I for one can’t wait to see how this turns out (and I know how it turns out, so if I’m still excited, that must mean its good).

So I was lucky enough to get ahold of an advance copy of the season premier of 24 this week. Now that it’s aired, and a few more people have seen it, I have to say, my mind is completely blown. I really don’t understand how that show has been able to not only remain so consistently awesome, but actually improve it’s awesomeness ten times over with each season, and often time each episode. I think it’s the fact that no one is ever safe, and you never expect what happens. Sure, you have to suspend a certain amount of disbelief, but isn’t that what good TV is all about?

** WARNING: Those of you not involved with the world of comics, probably due to the sex you are busy having, may just want to skip the next paragraph. **

So Marvel Comics epic “CIVIL WAR” is about to draw to a close, with issue # 7 hitting the stands in a few weeks, and I for one could not be more excited. Whenever any company promotes a “ground-breaking, earth-shattering story, the events of which will change the ‘universe’ forever,” I get wary. Normally these epics are just a cleaning of house, with the death of one or two minor characters, and maybe a return of a long-lost dog or something. Their effects are usually not lasting. CIVIL WAR however, seems to be breaking this streak. Not only has it brought forth the return of one of my favourite characters, The Punisher, but it is also gearing up to set the stages for some really exciting things in the “Post-War” era. As long as it doesn’t turn out that everyone was just a bunch of Skrulls (and that’s not out of the realm of Marvel storytelling, trust me), I’ll be stoked.

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Any way, I should get going. I haven’t checked my Facebook in about 3 minutes. Someone may have poked me!!

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