It occurs to me that some folks out there may not be aware of the Lovely and Talented Morena Baccarin. For shame!!! But seriously, Here’s the gist of her Wiki:

Morena Baccarin (born January 2, 1979) is an Italo-Brazilian actress, best known for her role as Inara Serra in the short-lived sci-fi television series Firefly and the follow-up movie Serenity. Morena was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In February 2005, Baccarin provided the voice for Black Canary in multiple episodes of the animated series Justice League Unlimited. She also guest starred in two episodes of the television series The O.C. in 2006.

She appeared on the November 6, 2006, broadcast of How I Met Your Mother; Barney,(portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris), commented that her character had “crazy eyes.”

So you can easily see why my head, or anyone’s head would explode. In all honesty, I don’t know if there has been another “TV” girl who has captured our good-natured obsession quite so much. We managed to meet her at the Fan Expo here in Toronto at the end of the last summer (Put away the images of us in Star Trek outfits, We were there for journalistic purposes. Really). It was quite a sight. Jamie actually couldn’t speak. He managed to get out a breathy sound that might have been “…m-marry me?…” but was mostly (and thankfully for the sake of restraining orders) lost in the din of the convention center. I managed to croak out an audible “thank you” as she signed out pictures, both of which are now adorning our desks. She is the muse, as we have come to call her.

Any way, enough of that. But I will say this: it’s easier to pretend someone’s your girlfriend when you have a signed 8×10.

Last night, as well as featuring amazing episodes of Studio 60 and Heroes, unexpectedly became ridiculously productive. In the span of about an hour, there must have been a dozen comics written, and a dozen more proposed. This bodes well for you, dear reader, as we are really hitting our stride and getting some quality stuff down on paper. Initially, we started this little game as a way to amuse ourselves, but it is becoming so much more now that we see others like it too.

As always, a but ol’ southern Thank you, with a big ol’ Irish Kiss.

Until morale improves, the beatings will continue,