It’s probably true for a lot of you, but the first webcomic I ever read regularly was Penny Arcade. Ever since a douchebag I don’t talk to anymore introduced me to it, I’ve been hooked and even though I wouldn’t piss on him to put out a fire, I do owe him thanks for alerting me to the Hijinx of Tycho & Gabe. They have remained consistently funny and artistically fantastic throughout the years, and I’m saying that as a guy who can’t play a video game for more than 10 minutes (But I’ll still kick your ass in NHL 2007).

With that being said, we are proud to present this loving tribute to Penny Arcade (please don’t sue, I bought your books!). It’s based on the PA strip from Sept. 18, 2000 entitled “Thank you Drive Through,” which is one of my all-time favorites, and still makes me laugh out loud to this day.

Some other ones of note are “Ah The Classics” from Dec. 8th 2000, which pretty much sums up how I feel everytime I watch The Transformers Movie, and “A Very Special Penny Arcade” from Feb 17th 1999, which would make even the most hardened of us shed a tear.

In regards to us here at No Reason, hopefully (depending on if we get sued or not) this will be the start of a few comics here and there that will pay tribute to those strips, artists, and writers that we admire, idolize, and in some dark corners, fantasize about. OK, admittedly, that might have been an over-share.

All right, so here I’m gonna plug the usual things: Leave us comments (Thank you Steve, saw yours on the ND strip, loved it!), visit us in Myspace, come back often, wipe your feet on the mat, and recycle… with a vengeance! There, now I get some cheese.

My Mom says I’m cool,